Services for a Fee

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Money Management --
1.2% annually + 20% of profits. Minimum investment: $100,000

Risk / Reward Portfolio Assessment -- $199
Let a professional look at your securities to see if:
--your portfolio is well diversified
--if the portfolio is in line with your investment goals (growth, safety, income, etc.)
--how much risk you are taking vs. the potential reward
--guidance as to whether you should take more or less risk based on your situation and goals

Talk to a Professional -- $100 / hour (in segments of one hour)
Ask anything you want -- the time is yours. I understand day trading, swing trading, and investing. Stocks are my expertise, but I also understand bonds, options, ETF's, and financial futures. I haven't done much with commodities or currencies.

Basic Investing -- $500
For those who want to learn the principles behind stock investing mentioned on this site. The basic course includes 6 one-hour sessions done over the phone with material emailed to be discussed during the call.  You will get a better feel for what is happening in the markets as you learn what is happening around you.  You will learn:
--how to find growth stocks with the potential to make many times your money
--how to find value stocks with the potential to make 20-50% over several months up to 1-2 years
--how to buy stocks with safely with limited risk and still get a good return
--research stocks and assess potential profit and risk
--determine the volatility of the stock
--look at how much stock, bonds, and cash is appropriate customized for your situation
--how to sell short
--learn how Warren Buffett made his money and how to duplicate it

Advanced Investing -- $3000
To really take control of your portfolio, learn the secrets of Wall Street that has taken me 22 years to find. The advanced course includes 6 one-hour sessions by phone with material sent to you by email to be discussed in the session. Expect to put in some study time on your own if you really want to learn the advanced material in this course. You will learn:
--stock market cycles, which shows when to be aggressive and when to be cautious
--how to forecast potential market moves
--how to avoid big losses that come during a recession
--free stock filters on the internet to give you investing ideas
--how to follow and interpret economic news and news on your stocks
--technical analysis vs. fundamental analysis
--when to buy and when to sell