Saturday, July 24, 2010

China Security & Surveillance (CSR)

Buy CSR at current prices (around $5.30)
Price Target:   $30+
Stop:                 $0
Time Frame:    2-5 years

China Security & Surveillance Technology is a growth company in China that trades on the NYSE.  The stock price took a hit during the recession, falling from $30 to $4 but its financial numbers have held up very well even during the recession.  That makes this stock a bargain and likely to go back up to $30 again in the next few years.  If the financial numbers continue to grow at this pace, it will go to even higher prices.  And yes, it is volatile, so I'd rather not give it a stop to avoid getting stopped out and then see it zoom up from here.  For that reason you don't want to put a large percentage of your portfolio in a stock like this.