Saturday, July 24, 2010


Welcome to Gregg's Free Stock Picks.  I will be posting stocks picks (mostly to buy but also to sell short) on a periodic basis -- perhaps weekly.  These posts are designed for investors or long-term holders of stocks, bonds, options and occasionally ETF's because that is where my expertise is.  By long-term I means months to years.  I don't do futures, currencies, commodities or mutual funds.  Also, I don't do foreign stocks unless they trade on U.S. exchanges because it is safer that way -- foreign stocks have to abide by our security laws or else get booted off the exchanges, face lawsuits, and other penalties.  I also will be making comments about the market: why I think the market is doing what it's doing, where it is headed next, etc. 

I invite the reader to remember that no one makes money and is correct 100% of the time -- NO ONE!  The greats  like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch have laughed at their losers.  They can do that because they have been tremendously successful the rest of the time.  I won't be right all the time either, but I will post where to put a stop loss on all positions and I will keep track of all winners and losers.

None of the material on this site is to be considered investment advice and all readers are to consider their own financial situation before taking any positions listed on this site.  Investing in or trading stocks has the potential for large losses.  You should carefully consider your financial situation and consider talking with your financial advisor before taking any position in the stock market. 

"Risk in the stock market comes from not knowing what you're doing."
 -- Warren Buffett

The first step to making money in stocks is to increase your knowledge.  That's what this blog is for.  My hope is that you'll learn a lot and watch my picks to see how & why stocks go up and down so you can profit in the future.


Trader Gregg
July 2010