Friday, October 15, 2010


Those who bought Google in spite of the fact that it dipped over $50/share from our $505 buy price are now happy they did:  after reporting earnings, the stock is now trading almost $100 higher than our buy point and likely to continue higher. continues to be on fire.  I knew it would continue to go up after the news it blew away earnings.  That day it went up to about $285 and from there has rallied to around $350 today.  I don't want to buy it at the current price, but I'm still holding it and expect it to climb further. and Netflix are the ones I missed, because I wanted to see a pullback before buying, but that's ok.  I'd rather miss a winner than hold a loser.  There will be plenty of more great opportunities to buy great stocks in the future.

The purchase on the RIMM options didn't work out -- the stock just sat there after reporting earnings with no surprises, leaving the day or two after with a loss of about $200 for buying 1 call and 1 put option (about one third of the price of our two options together).  That's the point to sell -- when no news is likely to move the stock.  It's time to take the loss and move on.

The FDX short trade also didn't work out.  It briefly went sideways then rallied.  The time to have got out of this trade was about $84 or $85, and then go long with the rally.