Friday, November 12, 2010

CSR recent moves

In recent days CSR has climbed back up nicely and is now fluctuating sideways.  It is likely to continue to do that unless the whole market makes a big move and pulls it in one direction up or down.  It is still a long-term hold for an investor's portfolio. 

We will need to watch closely to see how it does next time earnings are released.  If it continues to fail to meet expectations, then it will be time to sell, but if it meets or exceeds expectations, then we will want to hold onto it because it still has lots of potential to climb very nicely in the coming few years.  I was hoping the $5-6 price it is at now will return to $30 in the next few years, which it will do if the economy continues to improve, which I believe it will (albeit slowly) and if the company continues to grow in sales and earnings.