Friday, November 12, 2010 (PCLN) is on fire.  I recommended the purchase back in July (as seen below in an earlier post) and it has nearly doubled since then.  I'm laughing at the fact that my target was $300 within 2 years, and it hit it within 2 months.  Now it is 4 months later and after announcing again it had beat earnings, the stock continues to shoot up like a rocket. 

This is exactly what Microsoft did when it was a growth stock back in the 1980's and 1990's:  it continued to climb and climb.  Yes, of course it did have significant pullbacks on occasion but the long-term continues to look awesome for Priceline.  I will not be selling it anytime soon and still recommend it as a BUY if you can handle some significant down moves from time to time.

July 2010 recommendation-- (PCLN):
Bought at $229, Target is $300 within 2 years, Aug 31 closing price: $291.48 (+62.48)